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C L R Governing Committee

The CLR Governing Committee is a collective made up of the municipalities that we serve through a service contract with each other and the fire & rescue department.


The governing committee sets the budget from which the CLR Fire & Rescue operates from. 

The CLR Governing Committee is comprised 9 voting members from the member communities. Two votes each from the Towns of Clyman and Lowell. One vote each from the Villages of Clyman, Lowell, Reeseville, Towns of Portland and Elba. 

The Governing Committee elects a President and Vice President from within the Committee annually.

The Governing Committee also appoints a non-voting Secretary/Treasurer to an indefinite term.

The current Officers are:

President: John Schmidt

               N2376 County Road G
               Reeseville WI 53579
               Cell: (920) 296-4573

Vice President: Mark Othmer

                      N4096 County Road K
                      Lowell, WI 53557

                      Phone: (920) 210-5945

Secretary/Treasurer: Christine Abell

                              206 S. Main St.

                              PO Box 46
                              Reeseville, WI 53579

                              Phone: (920) 988-8396


Village of Reeseville

206 S. Main St.

P.O. Box 273

Reeseville, WI 53579

Phone: (608) 575-3097

Town of Lowell

W8906  W. O’Sixteen Road
Reeseville  WI  53579

Phone: (920) 927-5787

Town of Portland

W11720 Taylor St. 

Waterloo, WI 53579

Phone: (920) 478-3724


Town of Elba

N3799 Cty Rd T

Columbus, WI 53925

Phone: (920) 623-2225

Town of Clyman

735 Main Street
P.O. Box 159
Clyman, WI 53016

Phone: (920) 253-1223

Village of Clyman

713 Morgan Street
P.O. Box 129
Clyman, WI 53016
(920) 696-3444

Village of Lowell

105 North River Street

P.O. Box 397
Lowell, WI 53557

(920) 927-5700

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