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Applications can be picked up at any Station or from any Officer.

Printed from this link - Firefighter Application

Completed applications must be submitted to the Chief.

Why Choose to be a Firefighter?

Are you 18 or older with high integrity who cares about the Clyman, Lowell & Reeseville area and wants to represent positive change in our community?  Then being a firefighter may be the right thing for you. This unique position provides you the opportunity to help the CLR area citizens every day, while also focusing on the your educational, physical fitness, personal and professional development. 

  • To make positive changes in your community.

  • You'll be directly helping to make the Reeseville area a better place every day.

  • To gain skills and prepare for a rewarding and stable career

  • You'll be receiving valuable training that upon completion will lead to a career as a professional volunteer firefighter with the CLR Fire & Rescue.

What are the minimum requirements?

  • The firefighter applicant must be at least 18 years old at time of application.

  • Must  have a high school diploma or GED. 

  • Must be a U.S. citizen or authorized to work in the U.S.

  • Possess a valid WI drivers license.

  • Must be in good physical shape.

Hiring process

  • Submit application

  • Review of application by Chief

  • Oral interview with Officers

  • Review of application and interview by Fire Commission

  • Offer of membership contigant on passing a criminal background check and drug screening.

  • Acceptance of membership and commencement of 12 month probationary period.

                                          Examples of duties:



  • Receives alarms and monitors radio messages responding to fire alarms and other emergency calls.

  • Operate and use equipment such as trucks, hose, ladders, power tools, respirators, extinguishers, pike poles, etc., in fighting fires. 

  • Selects hose nozzle and directs stream of water or chemicals, depending on type of fire. 

  • Positions and climbs ladders to gain access to upper levels of buildings or to assist individuals from burning structures. 

  • Protects property from water and smoke by use of waterproof salvage covers, sweeping of water, smoke ejectors, deodorants and removal of debris. 

  • Administers first aid and artificial respiration to injured persons and those overcome by fire and smoke.

  • Performs rescue work of persons in danger from fire, drowning, accident, etc. and assist in medical emergencies as a first responder or ambulance attendant.

  • Communicates with supervisor during fire, using portable two-way radio. 

  • Performs general maintenance work relative to fire department apparatus, quarters, buildings, equipment, grounds, and hydrants. 

  • Participates in training drills, demonstrations, and courses in hydraulics, pump operation and maintenance, and firefighting techniques. 

  • Drive or ride and operate department vehicles and equipment to scene of fire or other emergency under special safety regulations. 

  • Performs other related duties as necessary.

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