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CLR Fire & Rescue's ARPA request to Dodge County Board of Supervisors

With the Federal Governments passing of the 2021 "The American Rescue Plan",

State, County and Local governments were given funds to distribute for uses in specific areas.

One of the areas allowed is for emergency response including infrastructure, equipment and staffing.

The CLR Fire & Rescue decided that we should apply for some of the funding to put an addition onto

our Reeseville station to provide a place to house a transport ambulance and personnel (including future

full-time). The County funding would pay for the structure and CLR would need to furnish out the addition

when a transport ambulance and/or full-time personnel would be added.


Currently all transporting EMS for the entire Southwest quadrant of Dodge County comes from

Beaver Dam to the North, Columbus to the West, Waterloo to the Southwest (Jefferson County),

Watertown to the Southeast (Jefferson County) and Juneau to the Northeast. There is not currently

any transport EMS units located in the Southwest quadrant of Dodge County.

Why the Reeseville station? The Reeseville station was chosen for the following reasons: 

1. It is the most centrally located in this quadrant of Dodge County.

2. The Village of Reeseville already owns the vacant lot adjacent to the Reeseville

station purposely for a future expansion of the station. No land would need to be

purchased and no adjacent buildings would need to be demolished first.

3. Quick access to State Highways 16/60, 26 and 19.

4. Faster response for EMS to the area coming from the center rather than from the outside.

Below are links to our submittal to the Dodge County Board of Supervisors, the resolution that was drafted and presented to the Dodge County Board of Supervisors along with other documents related to the project. 

CLR Fire & Rescue's ARPA Request

CLR Fire & Rescue's Station Addition Building Drawing

Dodge County Resolution #22-52

Dodge County ARPA Letter dated 2-28-2022

Dodge County Sequential Project Ranking Totals

Dodge County ARPA website

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