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Fire Inspections

Fire Inspections are done by Fire Inspection Services Inc. 

Inspections are done twice a year and every business in the CLR Fire & Rescue protection area will get a visit.

Fire Inspections are done according to WI 101.14SPS 314 & NFPA 1



Fire Inspection Sample Blank

Common Violations are:

  • Improper use of extention cords

  • Burned out exit lights

  • Extinguishers not serviced/up to date

  • Fire doors propped open

  • Doors locked during business hours

  • Maintaining 36" clearance for electrical panels

  • Clear path of egress (don't block walkways)

  • Housekeeping (keep it clean, don't create a hazard)

To ask a question or report a possible violation please call one of the Chiefs


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